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A Founder’s Story: Abizer I.

Co-Founder of MIU LLP

Hi, I am Abizer! Thank you for popping by. Want to know me better?

Knowing a person is like music. What attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are we learn their lyrics.

– Unknown


What’s My Story?

I am a space explorer. Not the ‘out of the orbit’ kind but inside the human mind kind.

Understanding the mechanics behind human motivation has always intrigued me. From an early age, I was able to understand what keeps people together and apart.

This curiosity drove me to read various books on philosophy, psychology, and personal development etc. I was trying my hardest to uncover a hidden secret, a hidden knowledge or a hidden wisdom that could give me a clearer understanding.

While unraveling it, my curiosity for the human mind began to go beyond me where I unknowingly applied these understandings in real-life situations. I started getting better at listening to others, understanding their intents and feelings. Simultaneously, learning to be aware of me.

These skills began to extend and grow rapidly. So much so that I was able to convince a group of my friends that they were going to die at the end of the day (though it was not a pretty scene after they found out it was a joke). Some even poured out their deepest desires just because of my better understanding of them.

Funny thing is, I only realized how powerful this knowledge I have obtained was once I stumbled upon Digital Marketing. Yes, it was a total fluke on my first job. But that is a story for another post.

The information obtained from a single digital device a person has is phenomenal. Behavioral patterns, performance data, trends, demographics, psychographics and so much more. A world where everyone openly shares their heart’s desires, pains and pleasures. A perfect place for me to understand what motivates us and where I can channel my passion.

This is how my journey to become a Digital Marketing and Consumer Psychology Expert kick-started.

In a nutshell, I developed a fascination to match my client’s customers with an irresistible journey and an addictive experience. Pledging to weave my passion through my work, giving it a voice.

There is so much more to be discovered about our minds yet we devote so little to it. In this creative space, I get the chance to observe the small actions we make on our devices and understand better what drives us to do so. Therefore why go to outer space when we have yet to conquer our inner minds?


The Wisdom

As a wise man once said to me,

Only when you combine knowledge with experience do you gain wisdom.

From the age of 19, I set out to practice what I had learned, in pursuit to develop my wisdom. What I found out was that one can never truly harness the complete wisdom but only sip a different flavor at different points in life. Hence, I focused on sharpening my skills and knowledge in as many industries as possible (to taste the different flavors of wisdom); financial, telecommunication, e-commerce, retail, B2B and B2C etc. Exploring and diversifying my skills and knowledge.

There is still a lot more out there and even more flavors of wisdom yet to taste. So if there’s anyone likeminded who’d like to discuss, brainstorm or just to have a chat, you know who to look for.


How does it all fit?

MIU’s Creative Agency space enables me as the lead digital marketeer and business developer to stay true to my path. Digital Marketing is a very broad term. Essentially I need to ‘know it all’ and then specialize myself into my passion aligning with the specific channels. My expert channels are Content Marketing, SEO and CRO. Heavily based on behavioral and consumer psychology.


Before you know it, I’m smack in the middle of the Amazon Forest!

Curious to know how? Read on.

A business going through Digital Transformation is like going through an Amazon forest to find treasure! Never knowing what to expect and where you’re going. As much as I hate to say it, 90% end up lost or even dead by going alone.

My job is to be your guide in this forest. With a compass, map and a professional team to pitch a tent, gather food and provide security while you sleep. Before you know it we WILL get you to your desired destination.

That being said, it was not an easy journey nor did we expect it to be. In order to become a useful guide, my team and I have gone through the harshness of the Amazon forest multiple times to become familiar with its terrain and environment. Trudging through it; getting bitten by a tarantula, chased by leopards, monkeys throwing bananas at us and even finding other guides along the way. We made mistakes countless times but more importantly, we learned from them and kept moving forward.


The Shocking Truth

Finally, we found the caves full of treasure. Enough for everyone. So my creative team and I, beaten and bruised, got ourselves in proper shape again. It’s time to be your guide!

Guess what we found once we returned?

The forest changes whenever a new journey starts! We knew we had to overcome this challenge. MIU realized the only way to do so is to invest all their time within this EVER-CHANGING forest to ensure we always play our role as the best guide.

Just like the forest, the digital environment is an ever-changing and ever-growing environment. Hence, the biggest solution my team and I provide is to be ever-learning. AI, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Machine Learning, and even the latest trends in branding and digital marketing. To give you the best strategy and service. Keeping our spears and survival skills ever-sharpened.


Why do I do this? What’s the achievement here?

Since we started, we have worked with people with beautiful stories going through the most amazing journeys. My ever-evolving team has become the undisputed strength for all our clients. My biggest achievement? I believe it is coming across these amazing people to work with and to work for, while continuing to explore this vast unexplored space.

You can be the next amazing person in our lives we meet. So do connect and let’s explore together!


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Abizer I

Co-Founder of MIU LLP, a risk-taking expert at making creative choices, orchestrating a talented team to discover novel ideas for businesses establishing dominance in this fast-paced and ever-changing symphony of the Digital environment.

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