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10 things to know before getting into a relationship

It’s all about you

At the end of the day, in any relationship, communication and understanding is the key to bringing out the best in everything.

10 things to consider before getting into a relationship with a media marketing agency.

10. What do you want?

We give you the stage to build the presence for your brand, product or service. We do our best to understand what is that you want from your customers and what do they expect when they come to you for a solution.

9. Experience counts

We have covered over several industries such as e-commerce websites to home yoga. As we are still building our portfolio, we are giving you exclusive pricing that we pledge to over deliver with our services.

8. Your satisfaction

We won’t stop until you’re satisfied. We make creatives that are stunning, equip you with powerful tools and build effective campaigns giving you insights to your customers like never before.

7. Consider your budget

We have a transparent pricing that is malleable according to your needs and requirements.

6. Can we deliver your vision?

This is the key to understanding the value of your company. We will test and try all available methods within our expanding services to make your dream come true.
Here’s how, in our subscription model, we provide support and service on a monthly basis setting different campaigns per month and testing methods which can deliver the best results. This is also where our scheduled trend analysis will give you the insights to implement new ideas for your business on an ongoing basis.

5. Measure your success.

With the robust software, not only will we be able to interpret the results, but even you can. The reports generated for you on a monthly basis will allow us to track your progress as well as give you an insight into where the improvement has to be made. Which includes campaign progress, ROI and performance metrics.

4. Where is it all done?

Our core team is right here in the heart of Singapore. We are all committed to one company and not an outsourcing firm or free-lancers. We ensure quality deliverables.

3. Communication.

We will be using amazing project management tools and keep you in the loop. You will experience and monitor your growth come to life.

2. Size doesn’t always matter.

Size kills personalized service. As a startup, we can offer 1 to 1 service that is unparalleled to bigger agencies out there. In fact, we only limit up to 5 clients per month so that we can deliver the quality of work we promise. You are our priority.

1. Consider the relationship

We will let you decide if we’re meant for you. We don’t like to break hearts, especially on such a beautiful day. After our standalone package, we will provide you, a one month support completely on the house for you.

No worries we got your back

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