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Uncovering UI and UX

UX and UI are not confined only to technology.

User Interface Design and User Experience Design are two terms that share a co-dependent relationship.

“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” – Don Norman

In simple terms,


  1. User Experience is the process of developing and improving the interaction between a user and an individual, object or thing.
  2. User Experience Design is heavily involved in the research, content, development and prototype testing for achieving optimum results.
  3. In literal terms, UX is the science that is predominantly practiced to derive evident results by digital industries.



    1. User Interface a multi-faced and vast term. UI involves amalgamating research from the UXD and presenting it to the user to achieve optimum visual satisfaction.
    2. User Interface Design is the process of understanding Customer Analysis, Design research, branding, graphics development, and user guides.
    3. User Interface focuses on visually guiding and enhancing the response and communication of the user through interactive elements.


UI and UX can be represented in different forms


UX = bones, muscles organs
UI = skin on the body

A full body v/s A Skeleton


UX = meat, vegetables bread
UI = McSpicy Burger.

an inviting burger v/s a display of ingredients


UX = napkin on a restaurant table.
UI = origami-d napkin on a restaurant table.

a desirable napkin v/s just a napkin


UX = toddler + milk carton + straw
UI = toddler + milk bottle + smile

a satisfied toddler v/s not interested toddler

UX and UI go hand in hand for better presentation and functionality. Be it a person, thing or even a country. Those tourism ads you see, that’s a great example. 🙂

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