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Advertising opportunities for businesses from SIA Group Sports Club

As a Creative Agency, it’s our utmost priority to share with you why this special opportunity is fantastic.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s special and how it benefits your business:

1. You know your target audience.

Exclusive magazines will let you know in advance about the demographics of your target audience.
These include:

  • Your audiences’ roles and positions
  • Your audiences’ purchasing power
  • Number of audiences

With that, creating a more informed decision and a personalized advertisement is no task at all.

2. Exclusive magazines that are released annually, naturally have higher value and higher viewership.

Exclusive magazines, like SIA Group Sports Club Magazine, publishes annually and has a high readership. To illustrate this, let’s look at an analogy. Let’s say the new generation iPhone is released annually, with the latest software and innovative features incorporated into it, making it the most ideal handheld device. It’s bound to catch the attention of its audience, making them hopeful of a more upgraded version of the iPhone every year. Just like this, an exclusive magazine will give you the advantage to make your promotion more premium.

3. Increasing Sales

The core purpose of advertising in a magazine is brand awareness. However, generating sales and prompting the reader to be engaged and subsequently make the first step to a purchase can be quite a challenge if not executed properly. But there is a trick to overcoming this. All you have to do is give a promotion/coupon/discount or something that is really exclusive for that target audience and that exponentially enhances your conversion rates.

If you’re interested to find out more for SIA Group Sports Magazine, simply send us your interest!

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